With Christmas just around the corner there are many opportunities for thieves to strike and break-ins to happen due to all those Christmas presents laying around the home tempting them in. So this Christmas be prepared and don’t let thieves steal your Christmas!

Think about it: If you put presents on view i.e. under the pretty glowing tree or anywhere that can be seen from outside of the property then you are encouraging burglars as they know it will be quick with high value unopened items all in one place they could be in and out in a couple of minutes.

Top tip this Christmas: Keep presents hidden in the loft, cupboards or anywhere that is not visible or obvious to a thief. Also keep higher value gifts separately then burgers will have less chance of finding them and thieves stealing your Christmas.

If you are out for the evening at perhaps a Christmas party, then make sure you leave spare keys with someone you trust as I have been to many lock outs where the person has lost or had handbags stolen whilst out enjoying the Christmas merriment. If you do manage to lose or have  your keys stolen whilst you are out, then make sure you call a qualified locksmith to get you in and change your locks as if someone else has  your  keys they may know where you live or could have followed you, so it is always best to have your locks changed just in case.

Post-Christmas security tip: Make sure you don’t leave empty boxes from high value Christmas presents, piled up outside your house waiting for the bin men as this shows anyone passing what new items are in your house and will make you a more attractive target to thieves. So make sure you destroy them and hide them in your recycling. Lastly make sure you deadlock doors and windows especially around Christmas time as burglaries increase drastically around this time of year. If you’re not sure if your locks are up to scratch then call a qualified locksmith for a free security survey. So make sure your home is secure and have a happy burglary free Christmas.