Why you should upgrade your UPVC, Composite & Aluminium Door Locks and Multi-Point Locks

Upvc, composite and some modern wooden doors are usually secured by a Multipoint Locking Mechanism. The multipoint locking system consists of several locking points, hooks, bolts or rollers which lock into their receivers on the door frame.

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Replacement UPVC, Composite & Aluminium Door Locks and Multi-Point Locks

The Upvc Door Lock is usually operated by the handles and the whole thing locked by means of a key. Because of their nature, the slightest misalignment of the door or the receivers in the frame may cause the Multipoint Locking Mechanism to become stiff, which leads to extra wear and tear and possibly failure.

The most common makes of multipoint locks for Upvc double glazed doors are: Yale, ERA, Saracen, GU, Ferco, Avocet, Fuhr, Fullex, Mila, KFV, Lockmaster, Winkhaus, Cego, Maco, Roto, Coldseal and Safeware. But there are many more makes that come in many different size backset sizes with different bolt work configurations. Many Different makes of locking systems in Upvc doors will have older style locking systems that may have been discontinued and are no longer available. SOS Locksmiths Southend on sea have considerable knowledge and experience in this area, and are able to specify and fit an equivalent or upgraded locking system for its customers.