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You could be locked out in Southend for many different reasons you may have simply left your keys inside, lost yours keys, or even snapped a key in the lock

Lockouts on wooden doors in Southend

If you have a wooden door on your property in Southend you would usually have a night latch, which most people would call a Yale lock you may also have a deadlock or mortise lock which some people call a Chubb lock or deadbolt. The most common reason for a wooden door lockout in Southend on sea is leaving keys inside sometimes another reason could be a snapped key or even the snib (the little catch or button on the back of the lock to put it on the latch) being put on by accident or lock failure . If your door is deadlocked then usually its lost keys as it can only be locked with a key or the mortise lock / Chubb lock has failed.

Lock outs on upvc or composite (wood effect) double glazed doors in Southend

The most likely cause for being locked out from a double glazed door in Southend is the keys have been left on the inside lock of the door this means even if you have another key it can not be inserted on the outside lock. Also the hooks or bolts on the locking strip could be jammed, another reason could be that the mechanism has failed this is more common on doors fitted in Southend on sea more than 8 years ago as this is the average life span of multi point locking mechanisms or mpl ‘s for short.

Aluminium doors old fashioned double glazed doors in SS1

These doors are sometimes fitted with deadlocks and tend to be fitted to older double glazed doors.  Lockouts in Southend on these types of doors are usually from losing keys or the deadlock has failed.

Lockouts on garage doors in Southend

Garage door lockouts in Southend on sea are normally caused by lost keys or snapped keys in most cases we can pick the lock, but if it has a euro cylinder fitted (new style) it will need drilling and the cylinder replacing but this will be explained and quoted before any work commences if you are not sure what type you have then contact us and we can help.


You will usually only require Southend on sea locksmiths to open a padlock if you have snapped a key or lost keys to padlock we will normally not attempt non-destructive methods on padlocks as if keys are lost the padlock is useless anyway and destructive means are quicker so if you have lost keys to the padlock just contact us for a quote and quick removal

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