Security Upgrades inside your Home in Southend Essex

Security upgrades for wooden doors

There are many different ways to upgrade the security and efficiency of your wooden door in Southend Essex, you may have been asked by your insurance company to upgrade to British standard locks or you just want to maximize your security for your own safety and peace of mind.

Security upgrades for uPVC double glazed doors in Southend on sea

For properties in Southend on sea you can add or upgrade different parts of your uPVC doors, including having sash jammers fitted security chains and letterbox guards. For rear doors or double patio doors (French doors) you can have push bolts fitted why not contact SOS Locksmiths in Southend for free security survey and security advice

Anti-snap cylinders

Standard euro profile cylinder on the market are vulnerable to burglary attack by snapping of the cylinder,using standard tools such as mole grips or a claw hammer this is happening in Southend,   once snapped, the cylinder comes away leaving the internal mechanism of the door accessible to the burglar.  it is virtually impossible to stop cylinder snapping. Therefore anti snap cylinders have been designed to overcome burglary attacks by not giving access to the lock mechanism. If the door is attacked, the cylinder snaps from the outside, the cam is retained solidly in position which blocks access to the internal mechanism of the door lock. The snap secure cylinder lock keeps the burglar out of your property in Southend and in most instances it can still be operated internally after the outside part of the anti snap cylinder has been taken off. If you are not sure if you already have anti snap cylinders fitted then you can contact us to check and we can come round check your locks and give you a no obligation quote

Digital locks

If you have or require digital push button code lock these are usually fitted on commercial premises or internal doors that would be impractical to have a key operated lock. Schools, nurseries, council or public buildings in the Southend area will usually have digital locks fitted such as kaba, unicon and others if you would like to have a digital lock fitted or you already have a push button or coded lock then you can contact us to discuss your digital lock requirements

Also if you have codelocks fitted and wish to change the code then you should contact us for a quote as some digital mechanical locks are very complicated and require specialist tools to change the code especially if you have Kaba or Unican locks fitted. Also there are a few public buildings schools and children’s centres in Southend that I have to change the codes every 6 to 12 months as this what is required by the  local authority Southend on sea borough council so you may want to check if this is required for your property.

Door closers

If you have shop doors or heavy metal doors usually on public commercial properties, schools, nurseries and communal entrances to blocks of flats in Southend on sea then you would normally have door closers fitted either as an add on or fitted into the door so if your doors take to long to close, shut to quickly or sometimes don’t even close fully, then you may need to have them adjusted, repaired or even replace the door closer, so contact us and we can advise you of the best course of action just give us a call or mail and we can take a look and give you a no obligation quote and timescale for work to be completed

Garage lock upgrades or replacement locks and handles in Southend

If you would like to add some additional locks to your garage door for your garage in Southend on sea then there are several different systems that you can use from hasp and staples with padlock, or garage door shot bolts if you contact us we can advise you the best addition security to fit to your garage door.

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