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Home Security on a budget – 10 Security Tips to make your property more secure and less attractive to burglars.

Your budget post-Christmas may be limited, so here at SOS Southend on sea Locksmiths we have compiled a few ‘home security on a budget’ tips ways to help protect your home or business, some tips won’t even cost you a penny just simple tips to make your property less attractive to burglars.

Fit a padlock to your shed

Tip 1 – Protect your sheds/outbuildings

For full home security make sure you protect your sheds/outbuildings, just a simple hasp and staple and a medium quality padlock will only cost you about £10 from any DIY store and a very easily fitted usually just a screwdriver required but once fitted to your shed door will make in a lot better protected.

Also a simple shed alarm, it’s a simple to fit contact alarm, you just need batteries and a screwdriver but may put off a potential thief.

Tip 2 – Home Security Lights

See the light, if you have a security light fitted make sure it works if it doesn’t replace it fairly simple but if you are not comfortable with basic wiring then get a professional.

If you haven’t got the funds for an electrician, then you can get solar powered security lights (NO WIRING REQUIRED) sound silly but they work by storing electricity in the battery during sunlight hours and then has enough power stored for the night you can pick these up from £10-£30 depending on the quality you require. Fairly simple to fit either just a screwdriver to fit to fascia boards or drill and raw plugs into the wall.

Tip 3 – Timer plugs

Is anybody home, you can fit simple timer plugs to lamps around your house to go off and on at different times especially if you are not home. This makes it appear that someone is in you could also fit one to a radio so it would also sound like someone is home, these can be picked for £3-£5 each and just plug into any plug socket very simple but effective.

You can also get a special light that flickers so it looks like a TV is switched on, these can be purchased for £8-£15 a bit more expensive but a very good idea. All these are simple but effects home security tips.

Tip 4 – CCTV

I can see you, CCTV is a very good deterrent, it can be costly but can also be done on a budget. You can pick up a simple system (2 cameras and Dvr recording device) for as little as £60 if you shop around.

If this is going to stretch your budget to much you can pick up dummy cameras for as little as £8 and fitted in a highly visible location will look like the real thing, so will put off most burglars.

Tip 5 – Windows

Windows 10, or however many you have, if you have double glazed windows make sure they are shut properly and locked but do not leave the key in them!!! You can also fit something called a sash jammer which is cheap but effective and easy to fit just a screwdriver again, you can pick them up for as little as £2 each.

If you have wooden windows, you can fit locking handles for £3 – £5 each dependent on the type of window.

Tip 6 – Rear Entry

Rear entry, people are usually more concerned about maximizing home security on front doors but most burglars will attempt to gain entry at the rear of the property as they are usually out of site and can take longer to get in without being noticed.

If you have a wooden rear door you should have a 5 lever British standard  3621 deadlock fitted anything less will not protect your home. This is one of the things you can not be cheap with,  get a professional locksmith to fit it as this will cover you with your home insurance and can even reduce your premiums, check with your insurer.

If you have a Upvc double glazed door or doors then make sure the cylinder (where the key goes in) is not sticking out more than 5mm they are vulnerable to lock snapping which is a method used to gain entry.

You can have anti- cylinders fitted which stops this but they would need to be fitted by a professional  locksmith.

Tip 7 – Sliding doors

Slip and slide, If you have sliding doors on your property there are a few ways to protect against a few common methods used by burglars. Older sliding doors are prone to lifting which is fairly quiet and quick to prevent this you can fit sliding thumb bolts you would need reasonable diy skills and a drill, they cost about £6-£20 each alternatively you could get a locksmith to fit them.

Tip 9 – Wireless DIY Alarms

Alarm bells are ringing, Not cheap but some of the new DIY wireless alarms are very good, features like smart phone connectivity (sends a notification to your phone when alarm is triggered and very easy to fit just basic DIY skills required and no wires to hide.

A reasonable but relatively cheap kit starts around £160 but can go into the thousands for high spec monitored systems. These systems are more of a deterrent as when was the last time you went to investigate when a neighbour’s alarm went off?

Tip 10 – Neighbourhood Watch – cheapest home security!

Nosey neighbours, last but probably the best bit of advice, if you have curtain twitchers for neighbours they are probably one of your best defenses against intruders and for neigbourhood home security, as they will be the first ones on the phone to the police when someone is up to no good.

Also, talk to your neighbours let them know when you’re going to be out for a while or away, so they know if there’s a bump in the night it may be an intruder.

Just remember some of these tips won’t cost you a penny so are worth remembering and if you ever need us in an emergency just give us a call we are available 24/7 That’s Russell at SOS Locksmiths Southend on sea 07757282914

If you would like us to call round to carry out a FREE security upgrade check then click here to find out more.

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